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Event photography can be such a wide variety of things. One day you might be shooting a rollerderby game, the next you are on stage shooting ballerina dancers, and the next you are attending a birthday party. They can be so different that for me the only constant is how much fun it is to capture those moments.

It does not matter what the event is because it always has meaning to the people who are there. They do not even have to be about joy and happiness every time. Sometimes they can be more serious in nature where you may not be capturing smiles and laughter but at every event there are emotions and there is meaning. This is what we are there to capture. We are there to give you a chance to go back and think about this moment at some time in the future. The photos will take you back and help you remember so many of the small details that you may have forgotten. Every moment in your life is special and many of them are worth documenting. Many more than we might realize at the time; it usually comes later when we start asking questions about all the details from the day. This is where we can help you. If there is even a small chance that you will look back at an event in years to come and want to remember as much as possible from it, please contact us. Give us a call or send us an email and we will sit down and talk about what kinds of photos you want in order to remember this day forever.

Are you or a loved one having a special birthday? Whether it’s your child’s first birthday, your own 80th birthday or anything in between, I am sure it is worth a big celebration. And I’m sure that you and/or your children will look back on the day and be thankful to have something to remember the day by. At an event like this we also offer all photos as a slideshow with music on a DVD or in a nice photo book. Contact us and let us help preserve your special memories for generations to come.
These celebrations can be very similar to a birthday party, without anyone needing to feel a year older 🙂 It can be a wedding anniversary, first date anniversary, or any other kind of anniversary. If you think it will be a big, beautiful, and fun event you might want to get something to remember it by for years to come. As with any other longer event you can get your photos delivered as a DVD slideshow and/or a beautiful photo book.
Whether it’s a small, personal event or the event of the century, be sure to contact us and let us help preserve the memory forever.
It is your time in the spotlight. Or maybe your child’s first recital. Either way these moments are BIG! When it comes to these kinds of happenings that take place on a stage with very varying lighting and in some cases with lots of movements on stage, you might find that your camera might have a hard time getting anything else than dark blurry images. This is where a professional camera with fast lenses and the ability to press the ISO up into the tens of thousands might be just what you need. A lens with enough zoom to not just capture the whole stage but also a close up of you or your children can make for beautiful framed portraits. If time permits we will gladly set up lights and the camera for a portrait session on stage. So if you are a parent, teacher or a recital coordinator we recommend you contact us so we can capture your very special event.
Are you in charge of a school function that could use some nice photos? We can either work in a photojournalistic style capturing the event, a studio light setup for more formal photos for participants, or a photobooth for hilarious group photos with hats, wigs, and other apparel. Make the event something to remember and contact us to work out the details.
If you have a company function you would like to document, let us be your photographers. We will work with you and capture the function in any way you like. We can work from a pure photojournalistic approach all the way to completely staged photos in a studio setting. So if you would like us to be a fly on the wall, run a photo booth, or have a studio setup during the function we will be there! Please contact us to work out a plan for your event!
This is another event that might be difficult to capture if you only have a compact camera. You might be in a low light, fast movement environment where fast lenses and low noise cameras are a must. Or you might need a long zoom so you are not just capturing dots on a big green field. I work with fast lenses, long lenses, and cameras that can handle shooting at very high ISO settings (very light sensitive). This makes it possible for me to freeze even fast movements in low lights. So if you are a coach, a parent, or a sporting event coordinator who wants to capture high quality sport images contact us and we’ll work something out.
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