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Portrait photography is a very different kind of photography, for example as compared to a wedding day. I love all kinds of portrait photography! You are still capturing people and moments, but the setup and the approach is very different. This is when it is all about your model. There are no other distractions as you might have in a wedding day. I am primarily an on-location photographer. I love working with both natural light and artificial lights. Working with natural light is such a pure way of shooting and exemplifies the artistic side of photography. There is a challenge in seeing where the best light is and then using it in the best way. I love it! Working with artificial light is a completely different challenge. Here you have any and all options you can imagine. We have light setups ranging from one simple off-camera flash to a multi-studio light setup with a backdrop. Our studio setup is very mobile and can easily travel to your home or to an outdoor location.

Here are a few of the different kinds of portraits I love to shoot (but whatever your wishes are, I hope you contact us and we can work out a plan together. 🙂

Artistic portraits are such fun sessions. This is where we experiment with lights and angles. You might not get as many “straight headshots” files as in a normal portrait session, but you will have a varied collection of photos. Photographers talk about “camera-aware” and not “camera-aware” portraits, and this session focus on non-camera-aware portraits, meaning you would not look directly into the camera in most of the photos. These works well as a print series, for example, but they will of course work just as well by themselves. This is usually a two hour session and includes 5 high resolution images.
Do you need a new photo for your professional profile? Are you submitting applications that need your photograph? A professionally lit headshot makes a huge difference in an application or profile scenario. This is most definitely a camera-aware session where you will be facing the camera the whole time. Most of the time we will be able to come to your house and shoot; the setup does not need a lot of space, so you do not have to worry about anything! Depending on your outfit changes this can take anywhere from twenty minutes up to one hour and it includes 3 high resolution images.
In a senior portrait session we listen a lot regarding what you want to do. A lot of the times we do a few photos that reflect where you are in your life right now and what things are important to you. We mix that with a few artistic portraits and probably one or two simple, straightforward portraits for mom. 🙂 In the end, you will have a collection of camera-aware and non camera-aware photographs to choose from. Depending on your outfit changes and number of locations these sessions can run anywhere from two to three hours and it includes 5-7 high resolution images.
A family portrait session can be done in many different ways. We do these on-location, and the location will be up to you. We can come up with suggestions of course if you do not have a set idea. We can come to your house and use our portable studio setup and studio lighting. We can use natural light at your house if you prefer that, as long as there is enough to work with. If you would rather be outside, we will of course be outside! The light setup will be smaller, but any of our lights from flash to studio lights can travel with us to an outside location. We can also just add a little light to the natural light if it will make a better photograph.
This session will usually focus more on camera-aware photos but of course there will be a variety of photos taken.
Depending on your outfit changes and number of locations these sessions can run anywhere from one and a half to three hours and it includes 5-7 high resolution images.
A child/newborn session can be done very similarly to a family portrait session. But here the focus is on capturing your children. Depending on what you are looking for we can photograph them candidly doing their own thing, we can set them up for more camera-aware portraits, or we can do a mixture of both. We can stay at your house in a studio setting or have a more natural, minimalistic setup. Of course we can always have the sessions outdoors as well.
For newborns we will stay in your warm house so your newborn will keep warm and comfortable. The focus will be on your baby, and we will work with some natural light and some soft added light. We will of course have some shots with the parents too.
Depending on your outfit changes and number of locations these sessions can run anywhere from two to three hours and it includes 5-7 high resolution images.
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