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Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is a very different kind of photography, for example as compared to a wedding day. I love all kinds of portrait photography! You are still capturing people and moments, but the setup and the approach is very different. This is when it is all about your model. There are no other distractions as you might have in a wedding day. I am primarily an on-location photographer. I love working with both natural light and artificial lights. Working with natural light is such a pure way of shooting and exemplifies the artistic side of photography. There is a challenge in seeing where the best light is and then using it in the best way. I love it! Working with artificial light is a completely different challenge. Here you have any and all options you can imagine. We have light setups ranging from one simple off-camera flash to a multi-studio light setup with a backdrop. Our studio setup is very mobile and can easily travel to your home or to an outdoor location.

Here are a few of the different kinds of portraits I love to shoot (but whatever your wishes are, I hope you contact us and we can work out a plan together. 🙂

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